The 2023 German Charity Christmas Bazaar on December 2nd was a complete success and will provide our seven selected charities with a Christmas present as early as December.

We would like to thank the German ambassador, Dr. Patricia Flor and her team for being our hosts. We would also like to thank the German Chamber of Foreign Trade, who supported us in every way, especially with ticket sales. Had it not been for their support, we would have only been able to sell tickets for cash. 

Of course, we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous donations, but also their ideas and commitment, which made the Christmas market so vibrant and special! 

We would especially like to thank Metron, who, among many other things, deliver and build the Christmas markets huts every year, set them up and then dismantle and store them again. An very sustainable way of bringing the Christmas market back, year after year! 

We would also like to especially thank Siemens, who cook the best mulled wine for the event every year and a big thank you to Volkswagen for the best sausages in the city. 

Our thanks goes out to the entire bazaar team, to the 1,500 volunteers from the sponsors, the embassy and the bazaar. You have all given your time, energy and commitment for this one day, sometimes over months, and have achieved something amazing! 

Unfortunately, it would take up too much space to name every person and team, but you all are the heart of the Christmas Bazaar. We would especially like to thank the Christmas angels who make Christmas decorations every week throughout the year. We would also like to particularly thank our tombola team, who achieved a record result this year with 400 donations and 1600 tickets sold, even though the tombola tent had hardly any light. Our cake tent team delighted us with more than 100 cakes on Christmas Bazaar. Our biscuits and jam team, who tirelessly baked 50 kilos of biscuits and 120 Egg liquor, also deserves our big gratitude. 

Most of all, our greatest thanks go to the 5,000 visitors to the Christmas market. Each and every one of you contributed to the magical atmosphere of the Christmas market and together we all created a little miracle. On behalf of the entire Bazaar team, we would like to thank all the people who contributed to the success of the 2023 German Charity Christmas Bazaar in Beijing and we wish everyone a well-deserved Merry Christmas with their loved ones.

Your team of the German Charity Christmas Bazaar

Quotes from Sponsors

Christliche-gemeinden Peking

"Nach drei Jahren endlich wieder gute Begegnungen, weihnachtliche Düfte und Geschmäcker und einedankbare Stimmung auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt, wir sindnächstes Jahr wieder dabei."

Pfarrer Lorenz

Raffles Hospital

Merry Christmas! Best wishes from Raffles Hospital – Your Trusted Partner for Health

Regent Beijing

"Our long-standing commitment to operating responsibly underpins the actions we are taking in our local communities. Our support is about more than just giving money to good causes – we aim to make sure we are making a real and sustainable difference through meaningful partnerships and leveraging our skills and resources to help others."

Florian S. Kuhn, the general manager of Regent Beijing.



“This is the first time that ERGO has sponsored the German Charitable Christmas Bazaar, which was a very enjoyable event for both our staff volunteers as well as our guests. We are also very pleased about how well our sales booth was received by the visitors of the market. We are looking forward to transferring our donation to organizations that help children and families in need.”


"On behalf of the Volkswagen Group and our employees, a big thank you to the organisation team, the German Chamber of Foreign Trade and the German Embassy for the great organisation of the Christmas market.  I was thrilled by the atmosphere and the commitment of the many volunteers who made this event something very special. We need this spirit and more events like this to strengthen the exchange between Germany and China at all levels. I am already looking forward to next year!"