Rainbow foundation 

Accompany the anti-cancer warriors with safe, brave, and happy treatment by heart.

Rainbow Foundation Beijing, a full member of Childhood Cancer International, is a charity for kids fighting solid tumors. Via elaborately designed activities that could be understood, enjoyed, and loved by kids, Rainbow has been bringing colorful and vivid life to cancer children during the generally dark treatment process. Rainbow helps the kids who suffer from tumors get safe, brave, and happy treatment. 

Safe: Meet the safety protection requirements in the treatment in ways that are welcomed by children and learned by parents.

Brave: Eliminate and release the fears and encourage the braveness by using games that let kids know the hospital and the treatment process.

Happy: Play with the cancer children, take them to the open air, and let them enjoy their childhood while treating.


Beijing Huiling

residential groups and workshops for mentally disabled people


Home for visually impaired children


Therapeutic riding for people with disabilities

Love & Hope

Vocational school for disadvantaged youth

Light of Love

Development Center for poor, disabled and vulnerable groups

Beijing Shunyi Qizhi

Special school for mentally handicapped children and adolescents

Rainbow Foundation

Help for children with cancer and their families

Stars and Rain

Training center for parents and teachers of autistic children.


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